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professionals sitting at tables

Continuing Education For Insurance and Restoration Experts

SERVPRO of Toledo Southwest continually educates professionals in the insurance and restoration fields.  These professions knowledgeable and working together makes it easier should a home or business owner need our services to put them back on their feet as quickly as possible.

SERVPRO Trucks lined up

This is how we roll at SERVPRO Toledo Southwest

The sea of green....vehicles that is!! We are prepared for any sized disaster, whether it be a flooded basement, a pipe break, a kitchen fire, any time of day. We will be there to help!

SERVPRO Team Members Having Fun

We Love What We Do!

Helping people during tough times is hard.  At SERVPRO of Toledo Southwest we love what we do.  This passion shows in both the faces of our technicians but more importantly the smiles on the faces of our happy customers.

3D model of a commercial buidling

Technology allows us to stand above the rest.

At SERVPRO of Toledo Southwest we embrace technology.  From our 3D modeling or inferred cameras to state of the art drying equipment.  Only the best will do to serve our customers.

Team daily morning meeting

Daily Meetings Keep Our Team Sharp and Informed

Before SERVPRO of Toledo Southwest goes out to help our customer we meet to share new techniques, address issues and plan how to give our customers the best service that they deserve.

Workers wearing safety gear

Safety is what we do!

At SERVPRO of Toledo Southwest we take your safety and as well as ours serious.  Whether it is on your commercial job site or or your families home, Safety is our goal.

Moldy Walls

Mold loves dark damp places that have a food source. This was what we found hiding behind some wallpaper in a lake house. The drywall and paper can make for a perfect breeding grounds once the paper was removed and a small portion of drywall removed to make sure the mold was not also hiding behind the wall we were able to Hepa vac the wall and treat the mold to kill it. Then the wall was ready to be sealed and ready to be painted.

Basement Fire in Sylvania Ohio

This home had a fire breakout in the basement. The fire was so intense that every room ion the home was affected by smoke damage and water damage. The homeowner was very pleased with the service she received from SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo and has since used us for many other projects. 

Winter Ice Storm Toledo Ohio

Ice and snow on your roof at home can really cause a lot of damage. Ice build up on the inside of your home leads to mold and other secondary damage. In this case SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo was able to dry out her attic and point the homeowner in the right direction to solving their moisture issue.

Water Damaged Contents in Maumee Ohio

This is what happens to your possessions when water intrudes your home. this was a basement that had a drain back up in Maumee Ohio. SERVPRO Of Southwest Toledo was on site to help go through damaged contents and help the customer make an inventory list of possession for her insurance company.

Wind Damage in Toledo Ohio

This was the aftermath of a storm that blew through Toledo, Ohio in 2016. SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo was called out to clean up after the storm Subsided. By tarping the roof we were able to get the cleanup done on the inside and keep the building from sustaining more damage until the roof could be repaired,

Drying Your Home After a Water Damage

Here at SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo we have highly trained and IICRC Certified technicians on call 24/7 to make sure your property is dried out correctly and in a timely manner.  

Keeping Mold Contained

Sometimes when we are remediating Mold we need to put up a containment to prevent the spread of mold to other areas of the home. Inside the containment we set a Negative air Machine to trap any loose spores that may still be in the air after we disturb them during the remediation process.

Water Damage in a Office Building

This was a Commercial Building that had a water damage that affected not only their office space but also their warehouse area. It is our job to dry them out without to much interruption to their operating. They were inconvenienced for a couple of days but were still able to maintain there operations the entire time, which made the owners of the company very happy! 

House Fire in Toledo Ohio

This photo is the aftermath of a house fire that took place in Toledo, Ohio. SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo was called in to do the Structure cleaning. There are several steps involved when a home has a fire and the homeowner was thrilled with how informed out team kept her throughout the whole process. 

Ice Sculptures

This was what had happened to a homeowner in Toledo Ohio when an outside spigot ruptured due to extremely cold temperatures. As beautiful as it was it was the homeowner was happy to see it go!

Commercial Dryer Fire in Toledo Ohio

A dryer at a senior housing facility had caught fire and luckily they were able to extinguish it fairly quickly. They still had quite a bit of cleanup that needed done. SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo was there to help. They were very surprised at how fast the process went. 

Water Damaged Basement Toledo Ohio

This is what happened to a customers basement after their sump pump had failed. They were very happy when we arrived and were able to extract the standing water and begin the drying process.

Irma Traffic

In October of 2017 SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo was called in to help out with the clean up efforts going on in Florida after Hurricane Irma had made landfall. The traffic going down was quite heavy due to people themselves returning home to see what damage they had sustained from the storm.

And So the Wind Blows

This is the aftermath of a storm that Blew through Toledo, Ohio in the summer of 2017. The homeowner was very happy when he called and we were able to be on site in less than an hour.

Fire In A Field House

This was a photo from the aftermath of a fire in a field house at a local football field. The interior was for the most part gutted and the roof needed replaced but SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo went in and soda blasted the walls so the structure of the building could then be saved.

Mold in your Home

This was a property that sat empty for a while before the owner came in and found he had a serious mold Issue. Luckily he called SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo to help. 

Mold in your Home

This was a property that sat empty for a while before the owner came in and found he had a serious mold Issue. Luckily he called SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo to help. 

Items Saved From Fire

This homeowner was surprised that any of her items were salvaged at all after a fire tore through her home in Point Place Ohio. This is just a few Items we retrieved from the damaged structure.

Hurricane Irma

This photo was taken on a job we were called out to do while working with the SERVPRO Storm Team in Florida. The homeowner was very happy SERVPRO had so many franchises there to help. 

Moldy Laundry Room

This photo was taken after we tore out all moldy materials and treated the studs for mold. The containment was then taken down and the laundry room is ready to be put back together.

Water Damage to Hardwood Floors

This picture was from a water damage we did where the home had continuous hardwood flooring throughout. By having a quick response time and the right equipment we were able to save the floor in turn saving the homeowner quite a bit of money and mess.

Mold Containment

It is Important when doing a mold remediation job to make sure the area being treated is contained. You always want to make sure that you are not letting the spores spread to other areas of the customers home!

Manufacturing Plant Fire

This job was a clean up that we did in a manufacturing plant this past year. Our crews here at SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo went in and hand detailed all of the Manufacturing Equipment! Great job team!

Commercial water damage Toledo Ohio

This was a commercial damage that we did during the storms in June of 2015. When the storms hit in June Toledo and surrounding area had people flooding that had never had water in their homes or businesses. SERVPRO was ready to ready to help. By calling in several of our franchises from around the region we were ready and able to help!

Large Commercial Loss 2015

Large water loss 2015 in downtown Toledo. No matter the size SERVPRO is here to help! “Ready for whatever happens” means that we have the equipment for any size jobs. Whether its hundreds of air movers, dehumidifiers, heaters, air scrubbers, hardwood drying mats, generators or even specialized equipment such as trailer mounted descant dehumidifiers we’ve got it covered. We just took delivery on even more air movers and dehumidifiers to help us expand our coverage even more. Some of the equipment might sit on the shelves from time to time, but when it’s needed, it’s here and ready.

Commercial Water Loss Toledo Ohio

This Water Loss required the use of some Heavy duty drying equipment. By utilizing advanced desiccant technology to provide a low dew-point airstream and absorbing moisture vapor in the air,desiccant dehumidifiers lower moisture levels in both the ambient indoor air and moisture content in building materials. This reduces the premature degradation of building materials and lowers the risk of microbial growth due to high moisture levels within a structure.

commercial water loss Toledo, Ohio

Being a Franchise with a company as large as SERVPRO defiantly has its advantages. First and foremost is having access to as much help as you need no matter the time of day! We are truly one big family which is just one of the reasons SERVPRO is " faster to any size disaster" !

Commercial water loss at a senior home

When working in a commercial property where individuals reside it is imperative that we make sure the residents are safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. The owners as well as the residents were very happy with how seamlessly the job went from start to finish

Maumee Summer Fair Parade

This picture was taken in June 2015, at the Maumee Summer Fair Parade which we had participated in. The Summer Fair parades' theme was "I Love The 80's". The kids had a blast and we all busted out our leg warmers and big hair!

Holiday Lights Parade

Holidays are filled with fun, food and best of all the Holiday lights parade! We decided to keep our float in the "green" Theme and who better to represent green then .....You guessed it The Grinch himself and the village of whoville! I think our crew did a great job putting together this float!

Toys For Tots

Toys For Tots.

During the Holidays its very important to think of those less fortunate than ourselves. This year we became an official drop off location for The Marine Corps Toys For Tots Campaign.

Sewage Backup

This was a sewage backup that was found in a hidden basement that the customer did not know existed. The customer had a foul odor that they had noticed and called in a plumber to investigate. They removed a cement block from a wall thinking they were gaining access to plumbing lines behind the wall when in fact they discovered a hidden basement. We were then called in to remove 3 ft of standing sewage, power wash walls and floors and disinfect entire basement.

Raccoon Play Time

At this job Raccoon's decided to make this attic their playground. Unfortunately these cute little creatures can carry several diseases and can do thousands of dollars worth of damage. All insulation was soaked in urine and feces so it had to be removed. there was a dropped ceiling below which also had to be removed. All beams had to be cleaned and disinfected and then sealed. Home owner was grateful to have her house back and all critters were removed and relocated.

Trees Tops Tumble

This job was a house that we were called out to because of a leak in the roof. Water was coming into a bedroom. When we arrived on site we found that a tree branch had dropped onto the house putting a hole in the roof, hence the leak in the bedroom. The first thing we did was to call a roofing company to repair the hole in the roof which we were able to get done the same day. from there it was simply drying the customers home out and painting the ceiling in the bedroom! Customer was ecstatic the process was so quick and his home was back to normal in no time.

Damp and Dark = Mold

We were called out to a water damage originally, but this damage turned into a mold remediation job. The customer heard water running in the basement and discovered a broken pipe. He had the pipe repaired and then called us to come out and dry out his basement. Unfortunately his basement had been damp for quite sometime. we were able to dry him out re-mediate the mold and make his home a healthy living environment once again.

Smoke Damage

his photo was taken at a fire damage in Northwood Ohio. The ceilings had to be cleaned by hand. First the ceiling was HEPA Vacuumed then washed. Customer was very happy with with the results