Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Moldy Walls

Mold loves dark damp places that have a food source. This was what we found hiding behind some wallpaper in a lake house. The drywall and paper can make for a perfect breeding grounds once the paper was removed and a small portion of drywall removed to make sure the mold was not also hiding behind the wall we were able to Hepa vac the wall and treat the mold to kill it. Then the wall was ready to be sealed and ready to be painted.

Winter Ice Storm Toledo Ohio

Ice and snow on your roof at home can really cause a lot of damage. Ice build up on the inside of your home leads to mold and other secondary damage. In this case SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo was able to dry out her attic and point the homeowner in the right direction to solving their moisture issue.

Wind Damage in Toledo Ohio

This was the aftermath of a storm that blew through Toledo, Ohio in 2016. SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo was called out to clean up after the storm Subsided. By tarping the roof we were able to get the cleanup done on the inside and keep the building from sustaining more damage until the roof could be repaired,

Irma Traffic

In October of 2017 SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo was called in to help out with the clean up efforts going on in Florida after Hurricane Irma had made landfall. The traffic going down was quite heavy due to people themselves returning home to see what damage they had sustained from the storm.

And So the Wind Blows

This is the aftermath of a storm that Blew through Toledo, Ohio in the summer of 2017. The homeowner was very happy when he called and we were able to be on site in less than an hour.

Hurricane Irma

This photo was taken on a job we were called out to do while working with the SERVPRO Storm Team in Florida. The homeowner was very happy SERVPRO had so many franchises there to help. 

Trees Tops Tumble

This job was a house that we were called out to because of a leak in the roof. Water was coming into a bedroom. When we arrived on site we found that a tree branch had dropped onto the house putting a hole in the roof, hence the leak in the bedroom. The first thing we did was to call a roofing company to repair the hole in the roof which we were able to get done the same day. from there it was simply drying the customers home out and painting the ceiling in the bedroom! Customer was ecstatic the process was so quick and his home was back to normal in no time.