Commercial Photo Gallery

Manufacturing Plant Fire

This job was a clean up that we did in a manufacturing plant this past year. Our crews here at SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo went in and hand detailed all of the Manufacturing Equipment! Great job team!

Commercial water damage Toledo Ohio

This was a commercial damage that we did during the storms in June of 2015. When the storms hit in June Toledo and surrounding area had people flooding that had never had water in their homes or businesses. SERVPRO was ready to ready to help. By calling in several of our franchises from around the region we were ready and able to help!

Large Commercial Loss 2015

Large water loss 2015 in downtown Toledo. No matter the size SERVPRO is here to help! “Ready for whatever happens” means that we have the equipment for any size jobs. Whether its hundreds of air movers, dehumidifiers, heaters, air scrubbers, hardwood drying mats, generators or even specialized equipment such as trailer mounted descant dehumidifiers we’ve got it covered. We just took delivery on even more air movers and dehumidifiers to help us expand our coverage even more. Some of the equipment might sit on the shelves from time to time, but when it’s needed, it’s here and ready.

Commercial Water Loss Toledo Ohio

This Water Loss required the use of some Heavy duty drying equipment. By utilizing advanced desiccant technology to provide a low dew-point airstream and absorbing moisture vapor in the air,desiccant dehumidifiers lower moisture levels in both the ambient indoor air and moisture content in building materials. This reduces the premature degradation of building materials and lowers the risk of microbial growth due to high moisture levels within a structure.

commercial water loss Toledo, Ohio

Being a Franchise with a company as large as SERVPRO defiantly has its advantages. First and foremost is having access to as much help as you need no matter the time of day! We are truly one big family which is just one of the reasons SERVPRO is " faster to any size disaster" !

Commercial water loss at a senior home

When working in a commercial property where individuals reside it is imperative that we make sure the residents are safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. The owners as well as the residents were very happy with how seamlessly the job went from start to finish

Sewage Backup

This was a sewage backup that was found in a hidden basement that the customer did not know existed. The customer had a foul odor that they had noticed and called in a plumber to investigate. They removed a cement block from a wall thinking they were gaining access to plumbing lines behind the wall when in fact they discovered a hidden basement. We were then called in to remove 3 ft of standing sewage, power wash walls and floors and disinfect entire basement.